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HEYOOOOO EVERYBODY! Gothor's the name, and drawing's my game. Hilarity's my specialty, and smartass-ness is my common trait it seems. I screw around a lot, and in the end, I end up popping out more drawings than I can draw them out, really. I've currently been obsessed like hell over TF2, so don't be surprised if I come up with more of those drawings than anything else. W00T! I'm finally gettin' somewhere!

Golden rule about my drawings:

Anything that I do not want shared, will not be under any circumstances uploaded on here for the public world to see. It will, and will always be, kept to those I give to or kept by me. It is set this way so anything I don't want "stolen" won't be stolen in the first place, because I did not upload it. Whoever I give the art to, is more than likely one of my friends.

Rule about commissions:

I rarely do commissions, but at times, I may be generous to do one, because I feel like it. If the person only wants the picture for themselves, then the above rule as stated will follow along.

Golden Rule about GMOD pictures (more as a request/preference):

There are certain ones I do FOR OTHER PEOPLE. I would rather NOT have them submitted in groups, unless the person I made it for directly states so. I really should not have to say this in my profile description, but this is put up just in case.

About the recent hate of what I've drawn in the past, you can go fuck yourself with a cactus. I draw what I fucking want to. You don't get to decide for me if it exists or not, if it's shitty or good, or if it's "stolen." When I do requests, it's only that person's opinion that's really worth it because I'm making them happy with it.

So either deal with it, or fuck off. Thank you and have a good fuckin' day.

v So since I'm bored and got nothing better to do, have all this interesting shit v:

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Unless you wanna be as funny as the spy.
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Chilling (Recolor) by Devious-Archangel
Chilling (Recolor)
As many people in Worlize were asking for the gift I had made a friend, I decided to make a recolor of it. Enjoy.

Furry (c) me

your original plan was to clean out your feedback messages, but instead you stumble upon the motherload of all porn, and you decide to check that out instead. And then you unknowingly shout it out in a tinychat session with about 3 other people and they're like "LOL" and "but I wanna be your porn! D=" and shit's just all good.


Oh my god, I was laughing at this, and I fucking snorted like the spy from TF2. Halp me plz! D:

If you'll excuse me, I've got some porn to look at... *looks at the stash I collected* (I know, in this journal, it's a mixture of hilarity and disturbing.)
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